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 Our mission is to strengthen the local economy through the promotion, support, and encouragemet of positive business growth and to represent our membership in community affairs.

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A Letter From the Chairman of the Board

by John Hail Jr.




 My name is John E Hail, Jr. I am your Chairman for 2017. Angel Fire Anytime is my slogan for this year as Chairman. I have great pride for Angel Fire. My wife and I have lived in Angel Fire for 5+ years and have owned Hail’s Holy Smoked BBQ & more! for 4+years. Like most people that visit Moreno Valley we were bitten by the “we gotta figure out how to move here” bug on our first visit.

 Angel Fire has been a childhood dream while watching shows like Grizzly Adams and other outdoor movies. What a blessing to reside in Moreno Valley and in the shadows of the aspens, spruces and pines of the Southern Rockies with the elk, mule deer, and so many other wildlife.

 I believe the heart beat of any community in the USA is a common unity. Angel Fire is a community with a common unity. What a rare gem our mountain village is. Our unity is built on three key points:

The beauty of our area.
The opportunity of Angel Fire Anytime.
The desire to share our area Anytime with our visitors, families, and friends.

The economy of Angel Fire and our neighbors is a rollercoaster with our seasons. We have traditionally had Ski season, Mud season, Bike and outdoor season, and “dead” season. I have noticed that life is being breathed into Mud and Dead seasons by increasing activities, commerce, and traffic flow. Because Angel Fire Anytime

The term “Angel Fire Anytime” is about what all Angel Fire has to offer people. Of course tourism is huge for our area. Skiing, sledding, tubing, ziplining, golf, disc golf, fishing, hiking, biking, running, camping, RVing, bird and wildlife watching, photographing, arts, music, balloons… the list continues! But we also offer incredible commercial and residential real estate opportunities, short term/ long term! We offer commerce opportunities that most people only dream of working in. When ask what is a good time to work, play, visit, or stay in Angel Fire respond with Angel Fire Anytime! 

My hat goes off to the efforts and success of the three big players of promoting Angel Fire; Angel Fire Resort, the Village of Angel Fire, and The Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce. Each of these entities has used their resources to reach out to target populated locations to increase the traffic flow into Angel Fire. We have seen more activities and events in Angel Fire. We have also seen the development of new commerce. 

By the common unity of Angel Fire Anytime all of our efforts and success will develop a community that anyone would love to be a part of anytime.

I believe 2017 is the record-breaking year which people from all over the world will experience Angel Fire Anytime! I look forward to serving the Chamber of Commerce members and the community as Chairman. It is an honor and a privilege.

Thank you,

John Hail Jr.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce